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Hole processing classification

- Apr 16, 2018 -

drilling,All kinds of holes of mold parts, such as screw holes, screw holes, pin holes, pin holes, circular core fixed holes, etc., need to be drilled and hinged to meet the requirements of aperture, hole spacing accuracy and roughness.A single part is drilled, and a single part is drilled directly by an underlined position.Drill the hole of a part first, so as to guide the hole of other parts.One part can be used to drill directly when the drill is used.It can also lead to the drill hole, which can be used for different drilling.To ensure the hole spacing of the parts, the two parts can be combined together with a parallel clamp or a screw, and the drill shall be carried out at the same time.Has a tendency to part of the pin hole reaming processing, mold, plunger hole, core fixed hole and need after marking or assembly when processing, the processing precision is generally IT6 ~ IT8 level, roughness is not lower than Ra3.2 microns.The general original of the hinge hole, the workpiece diameter <10 is from the bench drill, the hinge machining 10~20 to adopt the drilling, facing, hinge and so on the process processing >20 by the bench drilling precontrol, then the milling, boring machine processing.

Need quenching hole reaming grinding amount should be 0.02 ~ 0.03, when the heat treatment to protect the hole, to be assembled when regrinding composite materials with different parts of different material  rapid prototypes combination reaming reaming, should from the harder material hinge into the quenching hardware, reaming by quenching hardware hole reaming, first check whether hole deformation, the application of standard cemented carbide reamer ream, or with old reamer ream, and then use cast iron grinding rods, grind to the required size hinge blind hole reaming blind hole, reaming depth should be deepened, and set aside the reamer cutting the length of the part, to ensure the effective diameter deep hole;Also can use standard reamer reaming, grinding cutting part of the reamer old hinge not hinged to the hole to the bottom of the machine hinge after a clamping workpiece, continuous to drill, economic, hinge, to ensure the verticality and parallelism of hole.

Deep hole processing is required for cooling channel hole, heater hole and part of top rod hole in deep hole processing plastic mould.General cooling water hole precision is not high, but to prevent deviation;In order to ensure the heat conduction efficiency, the hole diameter and roughness are required. The pore diameter is 0.1 ~ 0.3mm larger than the heating rod, and the roughness is Ra12.5 ~ 6.3.And the top hole requires a high, the general precision is IT8 and has the perpendicularity and roughness requirements.

Hole is processed:Many holes in the die are required to ensure the alignment of the holes, the margins of the holes, the parallelism of the axes of each hole, the perpendicularity of the end face and the coaxial degree of the hole after the two parts are assembled.This kind of hole is processed by the standard first, and then the processing of each hole.

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