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Principle of electric spark machining

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Edm pulse power of a tool electrode pole, other artifacts electrode, the poles are immersed with a certain degree of insulation liquid medium (common kerosene or mineral oil or deionized water).The tool electrode is controlled by the automatic feed adjusting device to ensure that the tool and the workpiece maintain a small discharge gap (0.01 ~ 0.05mm) during normal processing.When the pulse voltage is added to the poles, the liquid medium at the nearest point in the condition is punctured to form a discharge channel.Due to channel cross-sectional area is small, discharge in a very short time, the energy concentration (10 ~ 107 w/mm), the instantaneous high temperature produced in the discharge area is sufficient to make the material melt even evaporate, so as to form a small pit.After the first pulse discharge, after a very short interval, the second pulse was recently clicked through the other.This cycle is repeated over and over again, and the tool electrodes constantly feed into the workpiece, and its shape is eventually copied onto the workpiece to form the desired surface.At the same time, a small portion of the total energy is released to the tool electrode, resulting in tool loss.

It can be seen from the above that there must be three conditions for electric spark machining: pulse power must be used;Automatic feed adjustment device must be used to maintain the small discharge gap between the tool electrode and the workpiece electrode.Spark discharge must be in a certain dielectric strength (10 ~ 107 Ω m.) liquid medium.Electric spark machining has the following characteristics: it can process any high strength, high hardness, high toughness, high brittleness and high purity conductive materials;Process has no obvious mechanical force, be applicable to the machining and micro structure of low stiffness: pulse parameters can be adjusted according to need, can be on the same machine tools for roughing and semi-finishing and finish machining;The surface of the surface after the edm process is the pits, which is good for oil storage and noise reduction.Production efficiency is lower than cutting processing;The discharge process has some energy consumption on the tool electrode, resulting in electrode loss, which affects the forming precision.


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