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The advantages of passivation

- Mar 27, 2018 -

The advantages of passivation are:


1. The liquid is stable and non-volatile, and can be reused. Compared with anti-rust oil, it can save more than 40% of cost. Compared with the traditional physical enclosure method, the passivation process has the feature of absolutely not increasing the thickness and color of the workpiece.

2. The surface of the treated workpiece is non-greasy, clean and fresh. Since the passivation process is carried out in an unreacted state, the passivating agent can be repeatedly added and used, so that the lifespan is longer and the cost is more economical.

3. The passivation film formed is more robust, less likely to be destroyed and removed, and the performance is more stable and the corrosion resistance is improved 8-50 times. Passivation promotes the formation of oxygen molecular structure passivation film on the metal surface, dense film layer, stable performance, and self-repair in the air at the same time, so compared with the traditional anti-rust oil, more stable and more corrosion-resistant.

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