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The difference between tapping, tapping and tapping

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Tapping is using a certain torque to screw the tap into the bottom hole to process internal threads.

(1) the orifice of the thread bottom hole of the workpiece should be chamfered, and both ends of the threaded hole are chamfered.

(2) the position of the workpiece should be correct, so that the center line of the threaded hole should be placed at the horizontal or vertical position so as to make it easy to determine whether the tap axis is perpendicular to the plane of the workpiece.

(3) at the beginning of the tapping, try to put the tap in front, then put pressure on the tap and rotate the winch. When cutting into 1-2 circles, carefully check and correct the position of the tap.The tap position should be correct when cutting into 3-4 ring threads.In the future, it is only necessary to turn the winch instead of adding pressure to the tap, otherwise the thread will be damaged.

(4) when tapping the wire, each turn of the winch is 1/2 to 1 laps, and it should be inverted about 1/2 laps to make the chip break easily and easy to be eliminated, and the cutting edge can be reduced because of the crumbs.

(5) when encountering an unconnected bolt hole, always exit the tap and eliminate the chip in the hole.

Tapping machine is a machine shell, end face, such as nuts, flange with different specifications of the hole or blind hole of the inner side of the hole of the parts work out internal threads, screws or tooth buckle mechanical processing equipment.The tapping machine is also called tapping machine, thread tapping machine, thread tapping machine, automatic tapping machine, etc.

High-precision tapping stroke; easy adjustment, automatic reversing mechanism can free adjustment tapping stroke, shallow holes and have low holes machined part also can be easy to adjust, double safety device can prevent damage of the tap (fracture), and fluctuation of spindle, cutting AD hoc double safety clutch, spindle can automatically stop, reversed return will not damage the cutting tool.

Tooth pitch gear with A, B, B axis and spindle, according to the tooth pitch propulsion fully compatible with the vertical stability, high precision, precision special, tap tooth forward and backward without output can function properly.Meanwhile, it is decided that the fine processing items will not cause coarse and different threads. For the thin plate and light alloy, the soft materials such as synthetic resin can also break the perfect thread.At the same time, multi-axis synchronous machining can be configured, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

Tapping is one of the important parts of metal cutting, including marking, drilling and tapping.Thread tapping can only process triangular threads, belonging to connection threads, for two or more structural parts.The processing quality of the thread directly affects the quality of the assembly quality, so the teaching of the practice is very important.

The working part is a section of the grooved external thread.The working part of the tap includes the cutting part and the calibration part.The hand taps are usually made of two pieces, which are divided into a head cone and a second cone.The outer diameter, middle diameter and inner diameter of the two taps are equal, except that the length and Angle of the cutting part are different.The head cone is longer, the cone Angle is smaller, and there are about 6 incomplete teeth to cut into.The second cone is shorter, the cone Angle is larger, and the incomplete tooth is about 2.The hinge bar is a tool for turning the tap, which is usually adjustable to hold various taps of different sizes.

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