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The function of the model chamfer after CNC machining

- Mar 28, 2018 -

The general chamfering function is to remove the burr and make it beautiful.But for drawings chamfer, points out that in general, it is the demand of the installation process, such as bearing installation guide, there are some circular chamfering (or called arc transition) also can rise to reduce stress concentration, to strengthen the role of the strength of the shaft parts.In addition, it can also make assembly easy, generally before the processing is finished.On the agricultural machinery parts, especially the circular parts and round hole of the end face often processing of about 45 ° chamfer.The chamfering has various functions, during the maintenance operations must be carefully check, and fully take advantage of, otherwise it will bring many difficulties to agricultural machinery maintenance, even cause unexpected failure.The chamfering Angle is also carried out before the forming process of small parts such as bolts, so that it is convenient to enter the mold.

The following points are summarized:

1, the bearing steel during heat treatment before rough machining must have chamfer, so for the material of heat treatment, stress release, redistribute, internal organization structure is not easy to appear crack, reduce the deformation is a very important role.Chamfer can solve the problem of stress concentration.

2. Chamfer deburring, making the product not sharp, not cutting the user.

3. Guiding and positioning function when assembling.



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