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What is the use of a vacuum casting?

- Apr 04, 2018 -

The vacuum complex can be used to pour the high performance polyurethane plastic parts at room temperature. Since the new development of the two-component thermosetting polyurethane, the engineering plastics can be replaced.In addition, the surface roughness of casting polyurethane workpiece is also very good, and can obtain high transparency artifacts polyurethane resin, in a vacuum casting machine, can use silicon rubber mold casting of high performance polyurethane plastic products.You only need to tell us the data or require, we will according to your request, choose the most suitable for the most economical vacuum complex mode proofing method, with the fastest time, best quality, complete the model samples, try to reduce your development cost.The technology of vacuum complex can be used for two purposes:Vacuum complex can support small batch sample production.Vacuum complex mode by changing the material, can be made of plaster or carved oil sludge model or laser rapid molding production model, through the model to change to the subsequent processing of PU or POLY real prone materials or materials with special requirements.(for example: require transparent, high temperature resistant, high strength, or rubber properties, etc.)

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