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Why did apple's products prefer anodized aluminum

- Apr 13, 2018 -

View the entire history of Apple products, Apple's hardware products are presented from the plastic to metal, has been blamed on two points, metal processing technology matures, and the higher cost of material with the metal in the Apple wants to reflect the high-grade feeling.You can look at the periodic table and look at the properties of various metals.Apple using anodic alumina in fact is the necessity of industrial production, in the common metal materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium, aluminum the density of the ideal, the weight of the finished product can be better control (think of it, if the iPhone 4's steel frame materials until the iPhone 5 metal fuselage, the machine will sink into what kind), and this light and evolution direction of the mobile device is consistent;And more excellent performance, titanium material procurement costs and processing difficulty will be very significant to improve, for Apple the level of a machine to do production sales is good for profit margins.And the aluminum is reactive and can be tweaked to create new features, such as a thinner magnesium aluminum alloy and a stronger titanium alloy.


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