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2fPrototypes Plastic Injection 3D Printing SLA SLS Parts

2fPrototypes Plastic Injection 3D Printing SLA SLS Parts

2fprototypes products: 1. Materials: black & white POM, etc. 2. Machining equipments: 3/4/5-axis CNC milling, CNC Turning, dilling etc. 3. Finished: Sand blasting, zinc/nickel/ chrome plated, Trivalent Chromate/Alodine, anodize, powder coating 4. Specifications: Machined according to...

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Product Details

2fprototypes products:
1. Materials: black & white POM, etc. 
2. Machining equipments: 3/4/5-axis CNC milling, CNC Turning, dilling etc. 
3. Finished: Sand blasting, zinc/nickel/ chrome plated, Trivalent Chromate/Alodine, 
  anodize, powder coating
4. Specifications: Machined according to client's drawing,

the largest maching range is 3000mm ×1800mm × High Unlimited
5. Precision: 0.005mm  
6. Certification: ISO 9001
7. Drawing format: CAD / PDF/ DWG/ IGS/ STEP, etc. 
8. Packing details: 
A. Neutral packing (neutral plastic bag/ foam paper+ neutral carton / wood box)
B. Customized packing ( with logo or barcode according to your requirement)
9. Field: Precise medical devices, Industry automation, mechanical manufacturing etc. 


Design principle of die

Because different molding molds have been applied in many fields, and professional mold manufacturing technology has also made some changes in recent years, so in this part, the general design rules of vacuum molding die are summarized.

The design of vacuum plastic forming die includes batch size, molding equipment, accuracy condition, geometry design, dimensional stability and surface quality.

1, the size of the size of the experiment, mold production hours, can be made of wood or resin. However, if the mold is used to obtain data such as shrinkage, dimensional stability and cycle time, we should use single cavity mold to experiment, and ensure that it can be used under production conditions. The mold is usually made of gypsum, copper, aluminum or aluminum - steel alloy, and aluminum - resin is rarely used.

2. Geometric design and design are often taken into consideration of dimensional stability and surface quality. For example, product design and dimensional stability requirements by die (die), but the surface products require a high gloss mold is required (punch), so that the plastic parts of the ordering party will consider these two points, so that the products can be produced under optimal conditions. Experience has proved that the design that does not conform to the actual processing conditions is often a failure.

3, the size is stable, in the molding process, the surface of the plastic parts and the die contact is better than the dimension of the die part. If the day after due to the stiffness of the material required to change the material thickness, may lead to male into female die. The dimensional tolerance of the plastic parts should not be less than 10% of the shrinkage.


4. On the surface of the plastic parts, the surface structure of the plastic parts which can be met should be formed at the contact with the die, as far as the scope of the molding material can be covered. If possible, the surface of the plastic part should not be touched with the surface of the mold. It's like making a bath tub and a washing pot with a negative mold.

5, modified, if the use of mechanical level plastic clamping saw sawed off the edge, in the height direction, there should be at least 6 ~ 8mm margin. Other remainder, such as grinding, laser cutting, or jet, must be retained. The gap between cutting edge cutting lines is the smallest, and the distribution width of the punch die is also small, which should be paid attention to.

6, shrinkage and deformation, plastic is easy to shrink (such as PE), some plastic parts are easily deformed. In any case, the plastic parts will be deformed during the cooling stage. Under this condition, the shape of the mould must be changed to adapt to the geometric deviation of the plastic part. For example, although the wall of the plastic parts is kept straight, the reference center has been deviated from the 10mm, and the die base can be raised to adjust the shrinkage of this deformation.

7. Shrinkage, the following shrinkage factors must be taken into account in the manufacture of plastic moulds. (1) the molded products shrink. If the shrinkage rate of plastic is not clearly known, it is necessary to sample or use a mold with similar shape to get it through the test. Note: by this method, only the shrinkage rate can only be obtained, and the deformation size can not be obtained. The contractions caused by the adverse effects of intermediate medium, such as ceramics and silicone rubber, etc. (3) the shrinkage of the material used in the mold, such as the shrinkage of the cast aluminum.

mould design

According to the definition of the national occupation, the mold design is to engage in the digitalized design of the die, including the cavity mold and the cold die, and apply the digitalized design tools to improve the quality of mold design and shorten the design period on the basis of the traditional mold design.


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