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Injection Mold Plastic Parts

Injection Mold Plastic Parts

CNC Machine Plastic Processing Prototypes Machine Plastic Injection Mold Plastic Parts Customized High Precision Black Rubber

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Our products:
1. Materials: black & white POM, etc. 
2. Machining equipments: 3/4/5-axis CNC milling, CNC Turning, dilling etc. 
3. Finished: Sand blasting, zinc/nickel/ chrome plated, Trivalent Chromate/Alodine, 
  anodize, powder coating
4. Specifications: Machined according to client's drawing, the largest maching range is 
  2000mm ×1800mm × 900mm
5. Precision: 0.005mm  

 Automobile Mould Products 自動金型パーツ 16.png


ABS(Black, ivory, transparent, flame retardant )

PC(Black, white, transparent)

POM(Black, white)

PA-Nylon(Black , white)

PA+30%GF- Glass fiber Nylon(Black, white)

PMMA- Acrylic(Transparent, black)

PP, PE, PTFE, PVC, PPS, PEEK, PEI, TEFLON, Chemical wood, etc.

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 1. Digital & Telecommunication products:Computer,PC,mobile phone,cell phone,
   MP3, MP4, DVD, VCD, CD, DV, digital camera,fax machine,key board,mouse,numerator ect.
 2. Vehicle products:Automobile parts: Motorcycle parts,
  car decorations of outter and inner side,auto video case ect. 
 3 .House appliance:air conditioner,LCD TV,fridge,speaker,
  vacuum cleaner,electric fan,coffee pot,electric rice cookers and so on.


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