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STL Metal Mold Plastic Equipment Spare Parts

STL Metal Mold Plastic Equipment Spare Parts

2f prototypes Application 1. Digital & Telecommunication products:Computer,PC,mobile phone,cell phone, MP3, MP4, DVD, VCD, CD, DV, digital camera,fax machine,key board,mouse,numerator ect. 2. Vehicle products:Automobile parts: Motorcycle parts, car decorations of outter and inner side,auto...

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2f prototypes Application 
 1. Digital & Telecommunication products:Computer,PC,mobile phone,cell phone,
   MP3, MP4, DVD, VCD, CD, DV, digital camera,fax machine,key board,mouse,numerator ect.
 2. Vehicle products:Automobile parts: Motorcycle parts,
  car decorations of outter and inner side,auto video case ect. 
 3 .House appliance:air conditioner,LCD TV,fridge,speaker,
  vacuum cleaner,electric fan,coffee pot,electric rice cookers and so on.
 4. Medical equipment:ultrasonic machine,X ray machine,Hemodialysis instrument,
  monitor,analyzer etc.



The circular or square concave part is inserted into the template, and the blocky parts are embedded into the template. The template is called the embedded structure, which has less cumulative processing tolerance and high rigidity, and the accuracy and accuracy of decomposition and assembly are good. Because of its easy machining, machining precision and less engineering mechanical decided by work, the final adjustment of the advantages of inserting the type template structure has become the mainstream of precision stamping dies, but its disadvantage is the need of high precision hole machining.

In order to make the formwork with high rigidity, the continuous stamping die is designed with this template, and it is the design of the air station. The notices of the inlaid template construction are as follows:

(1) processing embedded cavities of a vertical milling machine: using embedded hole machining template (or milling fixture), integrated processing machine, jig boring machine, jig grinding machine, wire cutting EDM machine etc.. The use of embedded processing datum hole, wire cut EDM machine, in order to improve the machining accuracy is two or more of the line cutting processing.


(2) the fixing method of embedded parts: the decisive factors of imbedding fixing methods are not changing the accuracy of machining, the ease of assembling and decomposing, and the possibility of adjustment. The fixed method of embedded parts is four types: A. is fixed with screws, B. is fixed on the shoulder, C. is fixed with the toe block, and the upper part of D. is pressed by plate. The fixed method of embedding of concave template are also used in a press fit, you should avoid relaxation results due to thermal expansion of the processing, use of circular mold inserts processing irregular cavities should be designed to prevent rotation.

(3) insert assembly and decomposition considerations: insert holes and high precision machining for assembly operations. To get even with the size of the error slightly can also be adjusted to the group immediately, should consider prior solutions, insert specific consideration processing the following five items: A. is pressed into the import department, B. with spacer adjustment insert pressed state and correct position, C insert bottom pressure with holes, D. screw locking screws should be used with the same size, in order to lock and release the E., in order to prevent the failure of vertical direction group, should be proof of chamfering.

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