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A New Idea To Our Customers Can Be Fullfillment

- Mar 27, 2018 -


Stream lite Design A new idea, a new story. Every new good idea deserves to be converted into reality.   Our client requested us to make a high-quality stream lite design. The stream lite was a 30W dimmable daylight-balanced LED light that was to be used specifically for video streamers incorporating custom built-in diffusion and a 60-degree light spread for perfect talking head video and green screen lighting. The whole project took about 6 months to get completed and the final electronic design met all the requirements given by the clients. The main requirements set by the client included the followings: – The size should have been the size of an iPad – It was supposed to be one of the thinnest while using the most powerful LEDs in the market. – Hidden magnetic connection points across the front of the light attach optional accessories in seconds. – Designed to run off of both AC and DC power using a patented Power Stand

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