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Advantages And Features Of Industrial 3D Printers

- Dec 02, 2017 -

1, the use of 3D printing technology to make small hand board error to ignore,

2, 3D printers can be quickly formed, and the reduction of cost will inevitably bring many industries more willing to innovate in design, and bring better experience for the terminal consumers of the products. Personalized customization demand will also improve with the popularization of 3D printing technology.

3. The cost and quality of the product are almost independent of the quantity of the product and the complexity of the product, and it has good constancy. It will not cause unnecessary waste of resources, and will not produce additional production costs.

4, the use of 3D printing technology, environmental health, 3D printer operation when the voice generated by less than 20 dB, less than the voice of people's ordinary communication, and its matching 3D printing material is also environmentally friendly material, healthy and harmless.

5, 3D printing technology is very new, but it is very simple to operate. It doesn't need high education or experience. It can be operated by simple training. Most of the work is done by computer intelligence.

6, directly processed by the CAD digital model, the processing speed is fast, the production cycle is short, the 3D printing can deliver products in one day, basically can realize the unattended production, the 24 hours continuous production, the production efficiency enhances significantly, the cycle shortens greatly.

7, regardless of the degree of difficulty, lower cost, 3D printing technology can prototype and mould processing structure with complex shape or use traditional methods difficult to molding, with SLA light curing technology with specific intensity of the focused laser irradiation in the surface of the light curing material, make the point to the line, line to surface layer forming, the more complex board, use 3D to print more advantages.

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