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Can Shared Machine Tools Lead Manufacturing To The High End?

- Mar 28, 2018 -

The Shared machine tool can not be completed by itself alone, but requires the participation of world resources and high-end talents.Recently, liaoning shenyang machine tool (group) co., LTD., more than 80 "sharing machine tools" in jiashan county, zhejiang province, has attracted a lot of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Today, the concept of "sharing economy" has led to a large number of new industries.As a new kind of "Shared production end" mode, "sharing machine tool" has changed the traditional way of resource allocation in a subversive way, and is considered to be the breakthrough point for China's manufacturing industry toward high-end development.The new model of "Shared machine tool" explored by shenyang machine tool can lead the manufacturing industry to the high end?Reporter recently came to shenyang machine tool to find out.

Share value with stakeholders.
"Big data reshapes commercial civilization, and the sharing of production ends (machine tools) is a revolution in equipment manufacturing.""Said guan xiyou, chairman of shenyang machine tool group.
Shenyang machine tool, formerly known as shenyang machine tool plant, was the birthplace of the first common machine tool, and the annual sales of machine tools was the first in the world.In 2007, shenyang machine tool investment more than 10, one hundred million yuan, after seven years of unremitting efforts, has developed which has the function of smart, connected i5 intelligent machine (i5 is industrialization, informationization, network integration, intelligence, integration, "I" is the "five" English initials).Last year, shenyang machine tool launched the world's first industrial operating system and was open to developers and users worldwide.
According to the traditional production mode, one worker operates a machine tool production;The "Shared machine tool" will connect the i5 intelligent machine tool network through the industrial operating system, and realize the sharing of production, resources, talents, technology and services.

How is industrial manufacturing Shared?GuanXiYou explains that the traditional manufacturing enterprise business model is "carry" and "premium" pattern, shenyang machine tool to create model, based on "according to time, by the number of artifacts, and according to the value" means and stakeholders share value,In the past, the organizational structure of manufacturing enterprises was established to control and not create value, and the organizational structure in Shared mode was established based on the difference in the value of information technology.There is no industry consensus on past measurement standards. Today's Shared cloud platform allows everyone to create value that can be measured and Shared instantly.In the past, the technological breakthrough was to create new formulas and logic, and the sharing mode was a breakthrough through case precipitation.
Reduce the burden on manufacturing enterprises

How can "sharing machine tools" promote the revitalization of the old industrial base in northeast China and even benefit the Chinese real economy?In the face of questions from reporters, Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd, general manager of marketing center Ma Shaoyan gives the answer: use the profoundness of the northeast industrial base and high-skilled talent advantage, "burden" for manufacturing enterprises, for small and medium-sized enterprise to bring order, pave the way for entrepreneurial team "a handbag occupancy".
In shenzhen, a local manufacturing company has been a beneficiary of "sharing machine tools".The company now has more than 500 employees, and last year it added a "metal cutting process" line, receiving millions of large orders from an American phone supplier."If the company buys 500 machine tools for this purpose, it will cost over 200 thousand yuan for a one-off payment of 100 million yuan," said wen kai, general manager of the company.With the "sharing machine tool", one machine can pay 5,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan per month for rent, and the burden is greatly reduced.Not only that, wenkai also found the required skills on the Shared platform.Shenyang machine tool has sent more than 300 technical workers in two batches, and the order completion rate reaches 106% for more than 2 months, and the product yield reaches 100%.Mr Wenkai, who has had a taste of sugar, signed a contract with shenyang machine tools this year to build a "smart factory" in a Shared model.

In hubei shiyan SAN wei until the intelligence of intelligent manufacturing co., LTD. Factory, 9 "Shared machine tool" three shifts operation, local gen geeks are using these tools to undertake all types of orders, the machine is not idle, processing capacity exponentially.Zheng jianwei, general manager of the company, said: "the 'sharing machine', the user and the order of the water."
"When the order is good, I can share it with other small and medium-sized enterprises. They will help me to complete the order quickly and make money together.""Zheng said.
In shenyang machine tool Eunice industrial service co., LTD. Intelligent display center, the shenyang machine tool director ju zhixin is monitoring the use of "Shared machine tool" on the big screen.JuZhiXin tells a reporter, the enterprise internal staff put forward "security business" model, docking the market by the company, sites, raw materials and equipment maintenance services, entrepreneurial team can achieve "a handbag occupancy"."In a Shared mode, everyone in the industry chain is not an employer-employee relationship, but a stakeholder relationship. That is, everyone can be a 'blue collar boss'."
With the advantage of sharing mode, for more than three years, shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent machine orders received more than 20000 sets, factory signed more than 50 national intelligence, smart signing for nine valley, created a miracle sales pace.

Development also needs to improve the credit system.
"The" sharing machine tool "can not be completed solely by shenyang machine tool, but requires the participation of world resources and high-end talents.""Said guan.To this end, shenyang machine tool actively builds shen tact, shen machine international, double - create industry three groups.Set up a high-end product design center in Berlin and Stuttgart in Germany, set up a product marketing center in Frankfurt, and set up a product trial center in aserstown...
"For the future, intelligent manufacturing is an irresistible trend."How to achieve "true sharing" and achieve "real economy" in the trend requires further improvement of the credit system, the improvement of basic facilities and the determination of machine tool measurement rules, said guan xiyou.
It is understood that there are more than 20,000 i5 smart machine tools in the market, and only 11,000 of them are connected to the "Shared platform", and more than half of them are not connected to the Internet.Some business owners worry that technology will be stolen after sharing.Ms ma said that the "sharing machine" needed to improve the credit system in the future, to reassure business owners.
At the present stage, shenyang machine tool will lease the machine to the customer in the form of "zero down payment", which will be charged by the hour or by the processing amount.At present, shenyang machine tool is exploring how to use the "flow" settlement, using the data of transmission back to the machine's operation, work out the industry recognized standard of settlement, make chinese-made master say, build new industrial development of new formats.

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