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Car Key Does Not Open The Door Of The Situation And The Processing Method.

- Jan 31, 2018 -


The car key does not open the door of the situation and the processing method

1.The car remote control failed.

Now car key remote control to open doors that will involve issue of electric battery always low so car mainly for the car keys didn't need to change battery for electric car, remote control key and the key points of traditional key intelligent key will be no electricity key refers to the remote control keys and intelligent key, of course, in fact the two key not too datong only those in possession of intelligent key into the door will automatically unlock after the train car body directly can play without having to open the lock with a key engine can use the remote control to open doors for a situation to are the main types:

1.Failure of the anti-theft system;
2. The remote control needs to be re-matched with encryption;
3. Sensitive button response;
4. Power consumption;
5. Ambient environment factors have strong signal interference sources or are blocked.


2.The car key of the cold day opens the door.

In the north winter temperature in zero time temperature of large number to us after washing a car remaining water will accumulate in the place such as door handles, locks, door gap after a night at the cold water into ice frozen early doors can't open the door too tight in this case we can use the "crazy drag forcibly open this violence law" that this might damage the car paint and sealing strip pulled the door shake handshandle also could happen so we're going to win by wisdom when the door is the most effective solution with warm water after a frozen water freeze door parts let frozen ice melt as soon as possible or just wait until noon when the sun is enough temperature rise can open the door after you are advised to time should be paid attention to when washing the car wash and there will be sunny at noon water place carefully clean so you can also give car allow drying time avoid door frozen problem easily

3. The door lock mechanism itself fails.

Actually happening probability of failure for the lock itself in 10 elderly body whether your car have? It works I like people may say but its lock structure is relatively simple basic are lock, lock block, control motor, operating mechanism, suggest you can go to the auto parts city where there is special for the car with the key lock shop or find a beauty adornment can cases they can through lubrication lock block or a change of control motor and operating mechanism solution to 4 s inn words then you can change the whole vehicle, etc


4. Check whether the child lock is open.

To avoid accidentally touch the door while the vehicle is in the children inside the handle lead to happen some car in the back door opening the doors after installation children locked when children after locking the door can only by car handle open so if blackouts in the car door lock check state vehicle no matter the car is outside all unable to open the door


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