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Chinese High-end CNC Machine Tool Market Development Momentum Is Great

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Big and weak, the word is believed to be familiar to readers of the machinery industry.Indeed, in the process of reporting on the machinery industry, this word was repeatedly referred to by the heads of various industry associations in various meetings.The machine tool is the hardest hit area.Without him, because machine is the machine tool equipment industry, other such as juki, auto industry competitiveness is not strong can whip to machine tool equipment, yue: "equipment not, so play."Of course, in the eyes of reporters, this obviously cannot be established, after all, it is well known that in the past, the automobile industry was equipped with the machine tool products of a foreign brand with water.Of course, this is not enough to hide the problem of the machine tool industry itself.After all, it is an indisputable fact that the import amount of machine tools is still high every year.One of the top executives of the company told reporters that when it comes to identifying whether a country's machinery industry is strong, people are more concerned with several aspects of performance.For example, whether to master the core technology of independent intellectual property rights;Have strong technical ability of major equipment;Whether it has a high market share of high-end equipment, its mainstream technology and equipment variety quality is in the world leading position.Yes, according to this evaluation standard, the machine tool industry is indeed a big gap, especially for the industry, the market of high-end machine tool is not enough, it is hard to have exciting news.Because of the "mother of industry" -- the uncontending of the CNC machine tool, our country can not make the complete autonomy in the manufacture of many high-end products.Efficient car engines, aircraft engine vortices, aircraft fuselage, nuclear power plant components, and high-speed trains are all dependent on foreign machine tools to varying degrees.Processing engine blades, for example, must be very precise to make sure it work normally under high temperature and high pressure, blade and rendering of complex curved surface, must be high speed, super precision and strong power of five-axis linkage machine tool for processing.The same is true for nuclear and gas turbine blades.The high precision lenses needed in the electronic industry and other fields, as well as the processing of missile seeker, also require the ultra-precision five-axis linkage machine;Aircraft webs and wings require high speed machine tools;Large aircraft and nuclear power plant components require large presses;The composite materials needed for aerospace manufacturing require a silk machine...In all the relatively weak areas of Chinese manufacturing, the lack of machine tools is the most critical obstacle.In the face of these, domestic high-end CNC machine tools are obviously "insufficient".However, what needs to be stated is that the reporter here does not mean the lack of a single high-end machine tool, but rather lacks a large number of high-end machine tool industrialization and marketization highly competitive products.Now, of course, there is a need to make a note that the jinan 2 machine tool is not the same.Announced on July 11, jinan second machine tool since 2011 include ford Kansas and Detroit two factories, all five large stamping production line after order, again to win the ford motor company Kentucky plant large press line project.It is understood that the factory has been using two german-made stamping production lines.This time, ford chose to make it in China.People in the machine tool industry understand the significance of the automobile market to metal cutting machine tools.According to many years of experience, nearly half of the domestic metal cutting machine tools are supplied to the auto industry.But sadly, the domestic machine tool industry rarely gets into key areas such as engine production lines.In China, the four major processes (stamping, welding, coating, assembly) require most of the equipment to be imported.It is not difficult to find out the successful experience of jinan second machine tool in the international market, which is not only related to the success of the domestic automobile market.After all, jinan two machine tools in the domestic automobile CNC stamping equipment sector occupies more than 80 percent of the market share.We are very clear, a lot of China's automobile industry leading enterprises have the background of the joint venture, it also laid the foundation for jinan two machine tools to go out, let the foreign auto giants can rest assured purchase its products.In recent years, the state has given a lot of encouragement policies to the machine tool industry to support domestic machine tool enterprises in the high-end market.Such as "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment according to the" special planning, by 2020, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, power generation equipment manufacturing high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment needed to 80% will be based on domestic.So who are the main undertakers of these responsibilities?The answer is no doubt that the sub-industry is in the vanguard.And these are mostly beneficiaries of major policy.Of course, through the major transformation achievements of recent years, we have indeed seen a large number of outstanding achievements, and the individual technical indicators are also worthy.The only regret is that the market, industrialization is not enough, in other words, the quantity is not enough.

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