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Do You Really Know About Auto Parts?

- Mar 30, 2018 -


The complexity of the auto parts market is the consensus of the industry insiders. Who can take the initiative in the spare parts market, and which direction will the future accessories market develop? Who will be the final winner?These are questions that people in the auto market are constantly exploring.So how do you interpret the auto parts market today?


Accessory supply chain helps the market environment after purification.

In the current auto parts market, auto parts city has always played an important role.However, with various policies and changes in consumers' buying habits, the disadvantages of automobile distribution city will become more and more obvious.For example, high cost and ineffective efficiency.From the main body of the tightening parts supply system layout, the insurance company for maintenance charge of the case will have more say about the accident, even after redefine market pattern, thus to promote the reconstruction of the market structure and market environment after purification.


The transformation of traditional accessories dealers.

As electricity strong penetration, traditional parts dealer management concept and management pattern to suffer huge impact, actively seek the transformation of the Internet environment become traditional accessories dealer's main task now.Constantly improve the operation efficiency, on the basis of master professional advantage, with the help of team of new technology and Internet technology, on raising the transformation efficiency, will most likely move accessories market core strength.


The after-sale parts market still needs full competition.

Now, car companies are still dominant in the auto parts market.In the face of the current situation, the corresponding strategy of dealers is to strengthen the game with the automobile enterprises, and reduce the requirement of the automobile enterprises to use the original parts of the 4S stores, and introduce the self-production system of parts, thus reducing the cost.However, from the perspective of the whole market, the core of the present contradiction lies in insufficient competition. Only sufficient market competition can bring vitality to the market and give consumers more choices.


Car companies in the auto market more competitive advantage.

Although China's auto parts market has great potential, there are still many problems to be solved.For example, the relevant regulations are not perfect, shoddy accessories are shoddy, and service providers are mixed.In this case, the car companies are highlights the advantages, such as the automobile after-sale accessories market of developed countries have more standard and more sound market management, the use of electronic catalogs, clear industry standards, technical support system is more perfect.

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