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How To Determine The Quality Of The Hand Board

- Dec 02, 2017 -

In the process of the production of hand, designers through the test mode to confirm the rationality of the design; through multiple test mode and repeatedly modify the scaffold, to finally complete some hand once into the production line, but often causes a variety of problems, resulting in the production line of non normal work, a lot of instability. Therefore, how to improve the quality of the hand board has become a practical problem facing the manufacturing enterprises of the hand board.

Quality is the most concerned thing for users to buy Hand panels. The quality of hand model will directly affect the quality, output and cost of hand plate making and the cycle of new products being put into use. Therefore, more and more enterprises have put forward higher requirements for the quality of the hand board model. In what way does the hand model look at the quality of the model? First of all, to ensure the quality of the hand plate, the service life of the hand model products is longer, the stability and consistency of the hand panel size, the maintenance cost and the maintenance periodicity of the hand board, etc., are the most convenient to use, and the auxiliary time for demoulding and production is.

In order to solve the problem of the quality of the hand board, we need to strictly control it from several aspects. The internal management of the enterprise strength is very important, a business, a perfect quality control system, in charge of the experience is very rich; to establish a database, and continue to optimize the sum, using CAE analysis software system, optimal solutions; standardization of production technology, production process specification; product design to be reasonable, must choose the optimal structure, product designers must consider whether the technology and structure of the products conform to the process and feasibility of hand model making; development stage in the process, through the model analysis, predict the defective products may be produced in the manufacturing process to develop a quality manufacturing process plan; customer needs to meet the quality requirements of the product, the user should take into account the material purchase cost and design cycle and strong material As long as these points are done well, the production of high quality hand boards is not a problem.

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