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How To Welding In More Effective Methods

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Welding firmness: As long as the power of the laser welding machine is large enough, it can be welded very firmly, and is comparable with argon arc welding. However, the heat of the laser welding machine is more concentrated and the thermal deformation caused by the material is small.

Therefore, the laser welding has advantages in welding thin-walled materials. Accuracy is also the higher of the laser welding, and the laser welding basically does not need to be processed after welding, saving time and effort.

Difficulty of operation: The operation of laser spot welding machine is much less difficult than that of non-GTA welding. In fact, TIG welding is very technical and it is prone to mistakes, but laser welding is much better. Simple, even if there are mistakes, the problem is not great. The operation of automatic laser welding and automatic argon arc welding is not difficult and requires computer control.

Summary: If welding thin-walled materials, laser welding is better. If there is no high requirement for welding speed and welding accuracy, it is more cost-effective to use an argon arc welding.

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