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Is Winter Enough For Your Car To Light Up?

- Jan 30, 2018 -

With the arrival of the deep winter, I believe that all the car owners have been concerned about the winter maintenance of vehicles.


In addition to pay attention to change the tire pressure, pay attention to add antifreeze, and correct hot car boot habits, etc., winter maintenance is also an integral part of a special light, by its is winter fog day increased, the nights are long days and short, make our driving nocturnal prolonged, virtually increased the difficulty of driving.


According to traffic administration statistics show that sixty percent of the accidents are due to bad visibility at night, and the brightness of the light, is the most important factors determine the driver line of sight, so the winter lights maintenance to be reckoned with.


"Bad is not bad" is not the standard to replace the headlights.


After entering the winter, the driver should check the car lamp in time.Most of the owners are often at the time of the light bulb is broken can be replaced, but in fact any light bulbs will droop, simple said is lighting levels will continue to fall as the hours used, so from a security point of view, when lamp brightness can't meet the need of driving, you should change the light bulb.


So more and more suppliers will research and development and design a more even light that is suitable for use in cold winter, they would have to hand the company to provide design drawings, and then prototypes company will according to the supplier's drawings to produce prototypes model, they want supplier to experiment, to consider the market.

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