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Machine Exports The First In The Country, Jinan Laser Processing Has Surprised 1.3 Billion People

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Laser engraving machine exports the first in the country, jinan laser processing has surprised 1.3 billion people.

In the process of the rapid development of the laser processing industry, shandong jinan laser processing quietly playing good industrial foundation, in the laser processing industry, won the "national first" laser engraving machine exports so proud achievements.

On October 11th, the district and industrial parks of jinan made a sound and welcomed the laser enterprises to invest in this investment to discuss the construction of the laser industrial park.

On October 19, jinan via letter notice, districts and counties to find and submit the laser enterprises within their respective jurisdictions, summary development problems and difficulties as well as to promote the development of laser industry.

On October 28, jinan high-tech zone announced that it would take out 1,200 mu of land and plan to build a first-rate laser industrial park in China.

Jinan city is starting a wave of attention to the development of the laser industry, the laser has undoubtedly become the new driving force of jinan's intelligent manufacturing.At present in the field of application, the laser equipment is to subvert the traditional manufacturing industry: laser cutting, welding, cladding, marking, such as application, not only can replace manual and traditional machine, even not able to continue to explore human and traditional machine field.

The development and production of laser machine tool equipment are the advantages of jinan.Based on the internal sales and export of laser equipment, jinan has transferred new kinetic energy outward, and jinan has a very high export share and market share in the field of laser processing and manufacturing equipment.

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