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New Thinking CNC Machine Tool Experience Center Was Officially Opened

- Jan 31, 2018 -

A new type of industrial production service - experiential center was born in cixi, ningbo. The new thinking CNC machine tool experience center was officially completed and opened.The city leaders li xingda, huang baishou, xu wendong and MAO zedong attended the inauguration ceremony.Shenyang machine tool, dalian machine tool, Shanghai machine tool factory, chongqing machine tool and so on 100 well-known machine tool enterprises participate in this activity.
In recent years, with the rapid growth of national economy, as the machine tool of manufacturing "working mother machine", its market demand is also rising.China has been the world's largest machine tool producer and consumer for two years in a row.This year is the starting year of the 12th five-year plan, industry facing the industry upgrading and product structure adjustment, especially as a pillar of the national economy in our country in the future and leading industry of new strategic industries gradually rise, the demand for high-end CNC machine tools will be more urgent.If the market is extremely strong demand for machine tool hardware, then, machine tool users for machine tool selection, maintenance, use, training, and so on a series of soft service demand, can use "desire" to describe.And problems, on the other hand, in the machine tool industry in China, production enterprises, small and medium scale of strong accounted for 85%, limited to the capital, technology, manpower, and so on many factors, for machine tools, especially high-end CNC machine tool research and development, design, marketing and so on production service projects, often also is expected to buy.
There will be a market for demand, and some forward-looking entrepreneurs see opportunities in it, and ningbo new thinking CNC machine tool experience center has emerged.The machine productive services as the main business of high-tech enterprises, invested by cixi new thinking machine tool co., LTD., completed and put into operation, it marks the modern manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of manufacturing service era is coming, it will provide machine tool industry users more circumspect, more efficient and convenient services.
As is known to all, producer service industry is a supporting service industry directly related to manufacturing industry. It is an emerging industry developed independently from the internal production and service sector of manufacturing industry.The productive service industry as an important branch of modern service industry to focus on developing, strive to cultivate a strong market development ability of producer services group, will be in the next period of our country's economic life.
It is reported that the new ningbo new thinking CNC machine tool experience center will display and demonstrate the high-end CNC machine tools.Strengthen the service function of machine tool maintenance, and set up the service base of machine tool maintenance outsourcing and spare parts;To give full play to the characteristics of information exchange and sharing, and to establish an academic exchange center;Strengthen the use of CNC machine tool, maintenance training, establish the numerical control technology promotion training center.We provide the sales, technical consultation, demonstration and maintenance of all kinds of CNC machine tools for the machine tool users in ningbo and all over the country.
Cixi new thinking, in fact, machine tool co., LTD in zhejiang province is a prestigious large machine tool sales service-oriented enterprises, more than ten years has been specializing in domestic and foreign well-known brand agent for the sale of the machine tool.New thinking machine tool co., LTD. Has always been adhering to the "more favorable price on the customer, the high quality service to win the heart, more excellent reputation to create brand" business philosophy, whether in the accumulation of technology, marketing, professional services or users, there are considerable advantages and good market reputation.The new thinking company not only provides diversified products and serialized specifications, but also provides customers with the preferential prices of many domestic famous brands of machine tools.More complete with adequate storage and supply of goods and fast and high quality after-sales service, also launched machine bank mortgage business, for the majority of small and medium-sized machine tool enterprises provides a convenient financing channels, we create additional value for the customer.

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