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Remote Control Key + Mobile Phone Remote Door?

- Jan 31, 2018 -


Remote control key + mobile phone remote door?


Mobile phone can transmit car key signal.

"It is true that the car keys are locked in the car, and the phone can transmit the signal and unlock the door."Yulin city resident ai sent WeChat messages asked friends.
"Unreliable!"If this function is a special design, it will be practical for the owner," said xiao zhang, a friend.

"If the remote signal can be transmitted by sound waves, then it is not easy to open the car door after being recorded with a mobile phone.""I didn't know whether it was entertainment or something," said xiao du, a close friend who had seen the experiment on a TV show.

In this regard, huashan newspaper found that there are many such claims and disputes.Some of the friends also listed some tips on how to use their mobile phones, including the ability to use a mobile phone to transmit a remote control car key signal to the car door.



The key to the door is not on the phone.
Chinese business newspaper reporter and colleague carried on the experiment.We parked a Toyota car in a parking space, closed the door and locked it with a remote key.The huashan newspaper reporter took the remote-control car keys to leave the car, and colleagues stayed behind to observe the test results.
Later, the reporter came to the nearby building to dial a colleague's cell phone for testing.Chinese journalists in close contact with your mobile phone remote control car key, and set the phone to h-f state, after determine the other mobile phone close to the car, press the remote control car keys unlock button, the door has not been opened.



Then, the reporter walked out of the building, about 60 meters away from the car, opened the phone and tried again, and found that the door could be opened occasionally.The car was more than 100 meters away from the car, and the result was that the doors didn't move, whether they spoke or not.


According to the test of different distances, the reporter of huashan newspaper decided that the remote sensing distance of the remote control car key should be located within 100 meters of the car.Within this critical point, it is possible to open the door, whether or not the phone remains on the phone, but farther away, the door cannot be opened.It was speculated that the door was occasionally opened, probably still relying on the remote control of the car keys, which had nothing to do with the phone.



Remote access to mobile phones is unreliable.
"It's impossible to open a car door with a remote-controlled car key."Yulin large land rover 4S shop after-sales manager zhang rui said.

"Most of the car remote keys are controlled by emitting infrared light, and the key is pressed to unlock the key. Infrared is then emitted, and the car receiver is receiving and implementing the unlock function.Infrared is invisible light, and its wavelength is not the same wavelength as radio waves, and its frequency is much higher than that of radio waves.Mobile phone is the wireless communication equipment that is commonly used nowadays, belongs to radio category.""There is no transmission between the two bands, so it's not reliable to use a mobile phone remotely," zhang said.


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