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Several Operation Methods Of CNC Machining Thread Cutting

- Dec 02, 2017 -

In the CNC process in the actual operation process, we often see the necessary types of thread machining, thread machining common with trapezoidal thread, thread, thread, ordinary special shaped screw thread, the common thread is the most widely used, link with coarse and fine teeth, tooth for thin-walled parts or under variable load connection vibration and impact load of parts, but also can be used for fine tuning mechanism.

In the process, the different needs of the thread, the method is not the same way, the trapezoidal thread length is longer, pitch, cutting depth, cutting intensity, high precision, large processing difficulty, in the processing of common thread, if each knife cutting depth are the same, so both sides of the cutting edge by thread cutter will the material removal rate increases with the increase sharply, lead screw accuracy decline, tool damage, so we should pay attention to repeated feed when cutting, and the cutting depth are decreasing every time according to a certain ratio, internal and external thread are relatively common, the general processing difficulty is small, pay attention to the calculation of the root of the thread. You can. Today we will tell you about the main methods of NC lathe thread cutting.

1., the groove cutting method is used to cut out a slot with the notch cutter which is smaller than the width of the cutter head. Then thread processing is done by thread turning tool. The large pitch thread is often used, but the operation and programming is extremely tedious.

The 2. interlacing method is that the threaded turning tool interlaces feed along the direction parallel to the left and right side of the tooth, until the bottom of the tooth is very suitable for thread cutting with large thread, but the programming is rather complicated.

The 3. oblique way to feed at the same time, Z X to have linkage, forming a slash feed mode, the thread cutter always has only one cutting edge in cutting, cutting force and heat more smoothly than straight into the small, but the depth of deep, pitch thread is large, easy to prick knife phenomenon.

4., the straight forward method refers to that when the lathe is cutting, the Z direction does not change linearly, and X cuts one depth to a depth of cutting. It is convenient, fast and efficient. Generally, the ordinary thread with smaller pitch can be used, but the lathe tool is easy to wear, and the chip will scratch the thread surface.

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