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Summary Of Processing And Manufacturing Of CNC Hand Plate

- Dec 02, 2017 -

CNC hand plate processing commonly used materials include aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, copper, stainless steel and other metal materials, as well as PMMA (acrylic), ABS, POM, MC (nylon), PC, PP, PA and other plastic materials. Once the clamping workpiece, the digital control system can control the machine tool according to different processes, automatic selection and replacement of cutting tools, automatically change the trajectory of the spindle speed, feed rate and tool relative to the workpiece and other auxiliary functions, in order to complete several surface workpiece machining processes, the whole process is automatically controlled by the program. The operator is not affected by human factors, can realize automatic processing.

The characteristics of CNC hand processing: for multi axis linkage, to the processing of complex shape parts; processing parts change, only need to change the CNC program, can save the preparation time of production; machine tool of high precision, high rigidity, can choose the processing amount of benefit, high productivity; batch production, easy to control products the quality of the machine; a high degree of automation, can reduce the labor intensity; the processing precision is high, has stable machining quality.

Points for attention in the process of CNC: large flow cooling mode is adopted to reduce the influence of large quantity of heat generated during processing on the machining accuracy. In order to improve tool durability, large flow cooling method should be adopted actively. For complex parts, due to thermal deformation during machining, quenching will cause internal stress, and parts will also be deformed after clamping. Therefore, all processes are difficult to finish after one clamping. At this time, two or more clamping can be considered. The processing procedure should be arranged in accordance with the principle of coarse gradual refinement. First, the heavy cutting and rough machining are arranged to remove the processing allowance on the blank, and then the content of the processing precision is not high. The machining content of CNC machining center is determined, and the installation base, machining base and machining allowance of workpiece are determined, so as to make full use of the efficiency of CNC machining center for the purpose of arranging processing procedures.

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