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The 12th Five-year Plan China's Machine Tool Market To Welcome New Opportunities

- Jan 30, 2018 -

The CNC machine tool represents the industry of machinery industry, which is of vital significance to the development of China's industry.As an important part of machining, nc machine tools have been challenging.In July of this year, the ministry of science and technology, together with the national development and reform commission and the ministry of finance, held five meetings to achieve a comprehensive balance of views on five major projects, such as CNC machine tools.The meeting will revise and improve the plan of 2014 as soon as possible, report to the three departments for the record, and promptly prepare the budget proposal for 2014, and submit it to the ministry of finance in time.These five special projects are related to the national people's livelihood, and are the key points of the transformation of social and economic development, and deserve the attention of relevant departments.The relevant departments of the state have balanced the above five special projects, among which the machine tool industry ranks among them.Numerical control machine tool represents machinery heavy industry industry, as the machine processing important part of nc machine tool also has the serious challenge.It is a matter of course to include numerical control machine tools in the comprehensive balance.Because domestic nc machine tool industry started relatively late, the poor foundation, backward technology, multiple problems exist for a long time, the serious shortage of high-end CNC machine tool production and mid-range nc machine tools is excess capacity, industry layout and development center of gravity there is a certain deviation.At the same time, the lack of high-quality CNC machine tool research and development talents, the lack of the core technology, greatly restricted the whole industry's healthy development.Machine tool industry as a fundamental and strategic industry, in the 12th five-year plan, has the independent innovation strategy as one of the main components, emphasized the to technology innovation projects to support and lead the industry development.As an important industry, the machine tool industry should innovate independently, break the technical barrier, and provide the quality level of the products.Special integrated circuit and so on in the project, as a representative of the high-tech industry, one of nc machine tool is to focus on the development of industry in China, especially for high-end CNC machine tool manufacturing and research and development is Paramount.It fully to the relevant state departments, local governments and related enterprises of attention in the field of nc machine tool can be greatly improved, and independent innovation, enterprise development core technology with the support of national policy, improve the production efficiency, make enterprise green development.

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