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The 16th Qingdao Metal Processing Equipment Exhibition

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Qingdao metal processing equipment and technology exhibition" since held, has developed into a specialized, internationalized and brings to the buyer the most comprehensive exhibition equipment and technology, provide enterprises with the biggest business opportunities, is the earliest bohai bay rim area the most famous manufacturing professional exhibitions.Review the 15th Qingdao metal processing equipment and technology exhibition in March 2017, the total area of the exhibition reaches 22,000 square meters.During the three-day exhibition period, a total of 26,896 professional audiences were attracted.They come from 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.In 2018 we will have a new look with you again "hui"!

exhibition range:
Metal forming machine tool: CNC turret punch, shearing machine, bending machine, laser cutting machine, high speed precision punching machine, press machine, forging equipment and forging parts and peripheral machinery, etc.
Metal cutting machine: machining center, milling machine, lathe, boring machine, sawing machine, slotting machine, broaching machine and planer;Flexible manufacturing unit and manufacturing system;Machine tools, drilling and tapping machine tools;Grinding machine, polishing, honing, grinding and superfinishing machine tool, tool grinding machine, etc.
Special processing machine tools: electric machine tool, wire cutting machine tool, medium silk slow walking silk;Flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, water cutting machine, etc.
Functional components: machine tool accessories, CNC system, servo drive, machine tools, pneumatic hydraulic components and devices, digital display devices, etc.
Robot: welding robot, handling robot, palletizing robot, punching machine, feeding machine arm, etc.
Mould, measuring and cutting tools: bending machine mould, punching die, turret mould, etc.Three coordinates, measuring instrument, measuring device, caliper, micrometer, etc.Nc tool.
window exhibition activities:
BBS theme: the application of coeasy servo punch stretching and forming.
Main unit: xieyi technology precision machine (China) co. LTD.
Speaking time: 13:00-13:40, March 9, 2018.
Venue: Qingdao international exhibition center 3# BBS district.

exhibitors on behalf of:
Fanuc, yamazaki mazar-e-sharif g \ little giant, mitsubishi, samsung, tianjin in China, DMC, world, jinfeng, lift force, Macao smart, easy to forge, easy, yangzhou forging association, Yang solid, the cpmpany, RongDe, wheat, red iron mountain, macro, rapid laser, laser, Jin Jiang, nock, Toyota, dimon spark, shaddick, Yang Tie, igawa hon, pure, neway, li chi, the far east, Warwick, the macro, qian cheng, into the blessings, KaiHong, goodway, Edgar, forever China, jinan, jinan compressors, good speed, and in one of guangzhou in, blue front, CNC, east first, jie yong, sigma and Taiwan are, leighton, han qi, winter celebration, otto f water knife, nanjing clips, morning dragon, dhi, sandvik, kyocera, golden and permanent base, jaguar, jaguar force, is the generation and sublimation
R2018 metal processing exhibition VIP audience service system.
What is a VIP customer?
way one: VIP customers for the accumulative visit 2-3 times metal processing and purchasing plan of enterprise
way 2:2018.3.5 before registration successful VIP customers in the process of the registration
How to quickly become a VIP audience for metal processing exhibition?
It is more convenient to register and register at the exhibition.
way a: SMS pre-registration: reply content "company + name" to 13325019835
way 2: add artificial WeChat do online registration online
way 3: invitation to register, call 0532-80977109 free access to the organizing committee to visit the invitation
What is the type of VIP service we can provide?
for transportation: group > 20 people enjoy free transfer service/machine

green channel: barrier-free access, mobile phone number for reservation for VIP visit quick entry documents
site service: exclusive tea area, negotiation rooms, enjoy all-weather hot tea break;
Enjoy the assistance of booking service and hotel reservation service;
The unique buyer identification certificate, the voucher enjoys the VIP spot rights.
journey oil stick: VIP group > 10 people, outside the city in the province 200 yuan/home, fujian association of foreign languages and 300 yuan/home
attending services: exclusive custom set to attend, souvenirs
Exhibition report after exhibition.
Enjoy the exhibition catalogue.
purchase matching: priority to join the 21 August 2018 Qingdao international large-scale machine tool exhibition of VIP, large-scale exhibition privileges, dedicated service.

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