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The Basic Principle Of Rapid Prototyping

- Dec 02, 2017 -

Rapid prototyping technology is the general term for making product prototypes based on discrete stratification principle. Its principle is: Product 3D CAD model, stratified disperse, and stacking raw material by layer after plane geometry information to generate solid model.

The technology of new material technology, laser processing technology, computer technology in one, relying on CAD software to establish the 3D model in computer, and is divided into a series of plane geometry information to control the scanning direction and speed of the laser beam, the sinter pooling or chemical reaction means exhaustive selective processing of raw materials, thus rapid accumulation of manufacture products entities models.

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Because of the different purposes and ways of using the prototype, different strategies are adopted in the use of the prototype, and there are abandonment strategies and additional strategies.

The strategy of abandonment is to use prototypes in a certain stage of development process, prompting the development results to be more complete, accurate, consistent and reliable. After that stage, the prototype is cancelled. The exploration type and the experimental type are used in this strategy.

1, the additional strategy is to use the prototype for the whole process of developing the prototype, starting from the most basic core, gradually increase the new function and new demand, repeatedly revised repeatedly expansion, the final development of the final user satisfaction with the system, the evolution of rapid prototyping is using this strategy.

2, what form and strategy to use rapid prototyping mainly depend on the characteristics of software project, the quality of personnel, the prototypes, tools and technologies that can be supported, which need to be decided according to the characteristics of actual situation.


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