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The Overall 3D Printing Industry Continues To Grow

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Recently, Wohlers Associates, Inc., released a report on 3 d printing industry's annual Wohlers, points out that the metal 3 d printing system has seen a 80% increase in sales, the whole 3 d printing industry grew by 21%, the metal 3 d printing are especially prominent.The Wohlers Associates, founder and CEO Terry Wohlers lead wrote the report, published its development and has a large team behind efforts to the report, a total of 32 countries 76 partners contributors were involved in the release.Wohlers Associates has accumulated the largest global professional network in the industry.The report was supported by 92 service providers, 64 manufacturers of industrial additive manufacturing systems and 19 third-party materials and desktop 3D printer manufacturers.It covers government-funded research and development, cooperation and alliances, as well as research and activities by 110 academic research institutions and 11 research .

The 344 - page report contains 2018 material manufacturing industry aspects of rich information, but one of the main factors is clear: this is a rapidly growing industry, especially in the metal industry.In 2016, an estimated 983 metal 3D printers were sold.In 2017, that number rose 80% to 1,768.This is by far the biggest single annual growth rate since 2000.Is not just a number is on the rise, "Wallace report" metal material increasing manufacturing system installed in 2018 of a "dramatic" growth along with the improvement of 3 d printing metal process control and quality assurance measures, but there are still a lot of work to do.

Wohlers reports that there are several new features in 2018, including additive manufacturing design, post-processing, and new and expanded parts of entrepreneurship and research programs.It includes 36 charts and charts, 110 tables and 192 photos and illustrations.It also provides more than 160 pages of supplemental online information for the report's buyers.The main authors of the report, besides Wohlers, include Ian Campbell(UK), Olaf Diegel(Sweden) and Joseph Kowen(Israel), and deputy authors Ismail Fidan and David Bourell.The report also includes contributions from airbus, GE Addditive, 3D computing, a number of global universities and even us military representatives.A full list of contributors can be found here.Last year, when Wohlers Associates released its 2017 report, the 3D printing industry grew by 17.4%.


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