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Type And Classification Of Hand Board

- Dec 02, 2017 -

1.CNC hand board production

Using CNC machining center numerical control processing technology, through the precision processing of ABS or acrylic materials, high strength, transparent and rapid prototyping hand is made.

2. laser rapid prototyping hand plate making

According to the geometric information generated by CAD, the three-dimensional numerical control molding system is controlled, and the material is accumulated by laser beam or other methods to form a laser hand plate.

Preparation of 3. product silicone compound die plate

By using CNC hand plate or laser hand plate, we made vacuum moulds to make transparent or opaque small batch PU hand boards with different properties such as ABS, PP or rubber by reversing silicone mold.

4. hardware hand board production

The use of Aluminum Alloy, sheet metal, copper, iron and other metal materials by cutting or CNC and machine tools and other mechanical processing, then the corresponding hand made hardware postprocessing.

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