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What Are The Processing Methods Of The Transparent Prototypes?

- Jan 30, 2018 -

The transparent hand plate model is also one of our common handboard models. The transparent hand plate model is generally used for the shell of certain equipment, LED lamp cover, perfume bottle and some cosmetic outer packing.

Generally speaking, some customers need to make clear plastic handboards. The preferred materials of transparent handboard are acrylic (PMMA) and PC materials, which are the most commonly used to make transparent hand plate models.


Process can generally choose according to hand structure, size and number of CNC machining, 3 d printing or vacuum complex mode processing, grinding polishing process can be done after the forming of high transparency.


If it is needed to do the silicone compound die for small batch production, can also be semi-transparent, will make mould in the link of the silicone mold making is not so smooth, polished polishing not into the mirror effect, can at the time of replication products, form the effect of the slightly rough, so that the hand reach translucent effect.

Some customers need products that are semi-transparent, which is to polish their prototypes after making prototypes through CNC machining and 3D printing.If it is required to be translucent or frosted, it will not be polished or polished until it is transparent.



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