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What Is The Rapid Prototyping

- Dec 02, 2017 -

Prototype refers to the original model of a product, which is often used in other industries. The prototype in software development is an early and running version of the software, which reflects the important features of the final system.

The rapid prototyping model, also known as the prototype model, is another form of incremental model. It constructs a prototype before developing the real system, and gradually completes the whole system development work on the basis of the prototype. For example, a client needs a ATM software, so we can first design a prototype software that contains only swipe card, password detection, data entry and bill printing, and it does not include services such as network processing and database access, data emergency and fault handling. The first step of the rapid prototyping model is to build a rapid prototype to achieve the interaction between users or future users and systems. Users or customers evaluate the prototype and further refine the needs of the software to be developed. By gradually adjusting the prototype to meet the requirements of customers, developers can determine what the real needs of customers are; the second step is to develop customer satisfaction software products on the basis of the first step.

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