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Where Does The Door Handle Go To Talk About Car Design Development?

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Where does the door handle go to talk about car design development?

In the automobile development history, there are too many new designs.Especially in modern car overall modelling, and the rapid development of electronic technology, "the door handle" car design of the most common configuration, also with the passage of time, or because of backward technology and inadequate or for safety and humanized design, finally abandoned by the wheel of rolling forward on the road.


Past: from function to form.

Because of the long distance, the origin of the door handle we cannot investigate.But early cart evolved from a car, not the door at first, but as the speed faster and faster (not really to guard against theft), road conditions did not keep up with the rapid development of automobile industry, the passenger was thrown frequent accidents, so the door was born.


Now: all flowers bloom.
Entering the modern society, with the automobile safety regulations and the higher requirements of aerodynamics, the shape of the door handle has also entered the era of blooming flowers.During this period, we can see the door handles of different opening methods and different design concepts.However, since most manufacturers still focus on cost control, the structure of modern car door handles is roughly divided into horizontal pull and top lift.



Future: hidden + keyless access.
At this stage, the trend to become mainstream without a key is overwhelming.The proportion of door handles in the body will also gradually decrease.Tesla, for example, his door is combined the advantages of hidden and keyless entry, when owners near the door, door knob will automatically pop up, and cast light to illuminate the ground to the ground, closed the door again will automatically withdraw back door handle.The advantages of this design in addition to dazzle quite, convenient and reduce wind resistance, due to handle most of the time hide inside the door, so whatever rain, dust will not pollution doorknob, open the door also can avoid the dirty hands naturally.

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