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Adhesive Eletroplated Hanger Hook Plastic Parts

Adhesive Eletroplated Hanger Hook Plastic Parts

product description: It usually includes pretreatment, electroplating and post-plating. Complete process: 1. Dip acid - full plate plating. Hardware and decorative electroplating process procedures. Copper - graphic transfer to acidic degreasing, secondary counter-current rinse to micro erosion,...

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Product Details

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product description: 

Item Name:adhesive eletroplated hanger hook plastic wall hook 
Item No.:HR09E
Size:61*22mm, 3PCS
Package:Blister card
Blister card size:18*11*2.5cm
Outercarton size:38.5*38*39cm
Certifications:REACH, PAHS, AZO, EN71 etc.
Delivery time:within 30 days afte confirm of your order
Payment terms:30% deposit and the balance against copy of your PI
Sample time:within 7 day

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It usually includes pretreatment, electroplating and post-plating.

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Complete process: 1. Dip acid - full plate plating.

Hardware and decorative electroplating process procedures.

Copper - graphic transfer to acidic degreasing, secondary counter-current rinse to micro erosion, secondary to pickling, tin to secondary counter-current rinse 2, countercurrent rinsing, pickled to graphics electroplating copper, secondary counter-current rinse to nickel plating, the secondary water to soak citric acid, gold-plated - recycling - 2-3 water washing and drying


Plastic shell plating process.

Chemical degreasing. - water - soaked acetone - water - chemical roughening washing sensitization, washing, activation, reduction, chemical copper plating, washed bright sulfate copper plating - water - bright sulfate plating nickel - washing, bright chrome plated, washing drying inspection.


Technical problem solving

In the above process. Bright sulfate copper plating is the most prone to failure. The phenomenon of poor deep plating ability and burr, rough, etc. To the deep plating ability is poor, should be treated differently. If you don't bright low current area, and the high current region is very bright and should be white, can consider to N (ethylene thiourea) is too much. Adjust the way to go, adding suitable amount of M (2 - mercapto truxene 'narrow Cuo) and SP (poly two propane sulfonic acid sodium disulfide), if still no, 10 minutes to stir in 50 ~ 100 ml hydrogen peroxide test plating. If low current area is not bright. High current area is very bright and be orange bright, can consider to whether M too much. Adjustment method is to add a moderate amount of N and P (polyethylene glycol), such as no, still can add 50 ~ 100 ml double oxygen. Try mixing water for 10 minutes, plating if low current area is not bright, and high current K brightness also is bad, can consider to whether N or M. Adjustment way is adding suitable amount of M or N (SP) can also be added. If high current district burr, usually add appropriate SP can be removed. If beryllium surface or downwards on the brake are all in fine linen, sand and M too much, you can add a moderate amount of P to eliminate. But if the coating on the surface of the brake on the hemp sand, should consider to whether there is the reason of copper powder, add 50 ml hydrogen peroxide to eliminate. In general, light copper plating liquid should add 50 ml hydrogen peroxide when after work every day.


In addition to bright copper plating easy to appear above fault, coarsening is also prone to failure, usually the surface of the home appliance products roughened surface yellow or white powder.At this time, it should be considered from the following three aspects: whether the coarsening temperature is too high, too long, or whether the sulfuric acid content in the coarsening solution exceeds K.Three, coarsening before using the organic solvent concentration, temperature is too high, time is too long. In addition, if rework appliances shell coarsening again. Coarsening too easily, cause the plating is not bright, this will decrease the coarsening temperature and shorten the coarsening time, before the coarsening, acetone, generally no longer


Liquid chemical chains of steel, to prevent the desert tourne (that is, the impact to the ft copper powder) is important if the solution tourne, then the slot of the plastic shell must rework, all at the same time to mace filter chemical plating solution immediately. Home appliances shell, after the electroless copper plating shall generally be immediately. But in special cases, need long placed, the electrical appliances product shell should be dried and shaft in a dry place. Storage life for 2 days,

Hanging fixture problem is also very important. With bandaging method is not suitable for hanging fixture of the insulation plastic electroplating. Due to the plastic shell after chrome plating, picking the bandaged catalpa r. seeped in a large amount of chromium plating liquid. Due to our ABS plastic plating ring, from coarsening to chemical copper plating does not use hanging fixture, and only in the light of copper, bright nickel, bright chrome, bright copper, bright nickel, bright chrome,...The spin cycle in the process of using electricity, while after the beryllium chromium (next to copper plating liquid), linked with carry on chrome plating liquid can cause deterioration of bright copper plating liquid. Also, the insulation bandaging method of hanging fixture will pollution Ke plating and chromium mask liquid. If the condition limit, can only use bandaging method, hanging fixture should be in water soak ten minutes again after cleaning, in order to make into the bandage all the chrome plating liquid from leakage, bright copper plating liquid once is slightly polluted with small current deal with 1 ~ 2 days.