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Automobile Engine Aluminum Cover

Automobile Engine Aluminum Cover

Material : aluminium6060,6061,7075,5083 Machining Method : CNC Machining Surface treatment : Mirror polishing Min.Order Quantity:1 Piece Lead time :7-15 around working days Payment Terms : TT, pay pal, LC,other available terms Name: description of aluminum cover for automobile engine....

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Material : aluminium6060,6061,7075,5083

Machining Method :  CNC Machining
Surface treatment : Mirror polishing

Min.Order Quantity:1 Piece
Lead time :7-15 around working days
Payment Terms : TT, pay pal, LC,other available terms

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Name: description of aluminum cover for automobile engine.


1, programming


2. After finishing the positive and negative two sides, not milling the shape, so that the workpiece is connected with the side material as a whole. The purpose is to facilitate the position of the post, round hole and oil port of the side.


3. The column and round hole in the short direction of CNC machining;First, the positioning workpiece is calibrated by a percentage.Check whether the workpiece is horizontal, milling a "ten" frame at the top of the side material, and the depth of 0.5mm is evenly divided evenly.Be sure it is horizontal and machined.

4. The hole and pillar in the long direction of the spark machining, because the length of the workpiece is more than 500, and the z-value of CNC is not 500.


5. The inner surface of the oil inlet of the spark machining machine (due to the fine structure of the inner surface of the oil port, the high precision is required, it is difficult to process on the CNC machine).Using the ABS plate to make the frame of the two tiles to hold the workpiece and to make the hole of the oil port on the workpiece to be vertical when placed horizontally, the purpose is to be convenient for the inner surface of the machine oil mouth of the machine.


6, the outer surface of the CNC machining oil mouth, use the junior in front of the shop to help board fixed workpiece and the direction of oil mouth and is vertical state machine, the first step to test whether the artifact level, with a dial indicator position in oil mouth the most top surface correction;The second step is to check whether the position is consistent with the surface of the oil port. The method is to lift 1MM at the top of the oil port to make the shape of the circular hole punched out by the spark machine to see if it can be connected.Be sure to calibrate the calibration before processing.

7. Milling appearance