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Automobile Prototypes CNC Metal Aluminum Polishing

Automobile Prototypes CNC Metal Aluminum Polishing

Automobile model prototype Material :Aluminum Machining Method : CNC Machining Surface Treatment : Polishing Min.Order Quantity:1 Piece Lead time :7-15 around working days Payment Terms : TT, pay pal, LC,other available terms

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The figure below is an aluminum automobile prototype, which is processed by CNC.Surface treatment is polishing.




CNC Machining refers to the processing of CNC Machining tools.CNC indexable machine tool is controlled by nc programming language, usually G code.Nc machining G code language told CNC machine tool USES the cartesian coordinates, and controls the tool feed rate and spindle speed, and the tool changer, coolant, etc.

Numerical control machining has great advantages over manual processing, such as the precision and repeatability of the parts produced by nc machining.Nc machining can produce parts with complex shapes that cannot be completed by hand.



We have 20 high precision CNC machines and 5 axis CNC machines.

The largest size is 800mm*600mm*1000mm



Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical functions to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece to obtain a bright, flat surface processing method.Polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media are used to modify the surface of the workpiece.

Polishing does not improve the size precision or geometric accuracy of the workpiece, but is used to obtain smooth surface or mirror gloss, and sometimes to eliminate gloss (dull).The polishing wheel is usually used as a polishing tool.The polishing wheel is usually made of layers of canvas, felt or leather, with a metal round plate clamped on both sides, and a polishing agent coated with a uniform mixture of powder abrasive and grease.

When polishing, high speed rotary polishing wheel (circumferential velocity in more than 20 m/s) pressure to the workpiece, make the workpiece surface abrasive cutting, rolling and trace for light processing surface, light extinction to improve the surface appearance.The roller polishing method is often used when bearing steel ball.



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