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Automobile Wheel Hub Prototypes 5 Axis CNC Process

Automobile Wheel Hub Prototypes 5 Axis CNC Process

Wheel hub prototypes Material : Aluminium alloy Machining Method : CNC Machining Surface treatment : PolishingMin. Order Quantity:1 Piece Lead time :7-15 around working days Payment Terms : TT, pay pal, LC,other available terms Delivery way : DHL/UPS/Air freight/Sea around 3-15days arrived The...

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Wheel hub prototypes

Material : Aluminium alloy

Machining Method :  CNC Machining
Surface treatment : PolishingMin.

Order Quantity:1 Piece
Lead time :7-15 around working days
Payment Terms : TT, pay pal, LC,other available terms
Delivery way : DHL/UPS/Air freight/Sea around 3-15days arrived


Wheel hub of the modification is one of the more important steps in car modification, whether visuals or manipulation of the performance improvement, wheel hub have served as an important role, a high quality wheel, after rigorous production technology and strict inspection, to ensure that the character parameters of qualified.Of course, the hub of a set of genuine article is expensive, domestic can produce and domestic sale (have export product) few enterprises, so the price of import wheel hub is more expensive.So many adapted players in order to save costs, chose the so-called "domestic" of "production" false hub, it is not desirable, if it is a "mix" production of false hub, although the appearance and quality goods wheels don't have much difference, but in terms of weight and strength are far short of safety indicators, often have players when using "fake" hub to the puzzling problem such as cracking and deformation, and in the process of high speed, the fake goods is not enough to support such a large load intensity, if appear the phenomenon of blowout of high speed, directly affects the safety of drivers and passengers!So special remind, if economic conditions do not allow temporarily, please carefully choose modified hub, although the original "steel", "casting wheel hub" may not be enough beautiful and lightweight, but at least is a guarantee of security.The hub performance is generally the forging hub > casting hub > steel wheel hub. CNC SLS SLA Vacumm casting tooling.


There are three manufacturing methods of aluminum alloy wheels: gravity casting, forging and low pressure precision casting.1. Gravity casting method USES gravity to pour aluminum alloy solution into the mold. After forming, it can be processed and polished by lathe to complete production.The manufacturing process is simple, without precise casting process, low cost and high production efficiency, but it is easy to produce bubbles (sand eye), uneven density and not enough surface smoothness.Geely has a relatively large number of models that are made in this way, mainly in the early stages of production, and new models have been replaced with new ones.2. One thousand tons of press forging method of the whole piece of aluminum ingots by direct extrusion on mould, benefit is uniform density, surface smooth and detailed, wheel hub wall thin and light weight, strength of materials, the highest three than casting methods as above, but due to more sophisticated production equipment, and yield is only 5 to sixty percent, the manufacturing cost is higher.3. The low pressure precision casting method in precision casting under low pressure of 0.1 Mpa, this way of casting of good formability, outline clear, uniform density, the surface is bright and clean, can not only achieve high strength, lightweight, and can control the cost, and the yield over ninety percent, is the mainstream of high quality aluminum alloy wheel hub manufacturing methods. NC SLS SLA Vacumm casting tooling.



Three dimensional QC inspection by as below machine:


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