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AL 6061 7075 Metal 5 Axes CNC Machining Parts Harden Rapid Prototypes

AL 6061 7075 Metal 5 Axes CNC Machining Parts Harden Rapid Prototypes

2fprototypes surface treatment method The nitride heat treatment only could be change the surface performance of the metal parts, mainly to provide the abrasion resistance of the surface. Vacuum heat treatment is to ensure that the surface of metal parts will be not oxidized, changing all the...

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2fprototypes advantage

make the product to the market much earlier than before, because you can advance the production by prototypes, you can use the prototypes to make product publicity, even the early sales and production preparation work before the mold is developed, and occupy the market sooner.


The prototypes main processing method including as CNC、, SLA、SLS、Vacuum Casting、Molding etc.

1.CNC (CNC processing centre) computer gongs: CNC is by computer numerical control machine tool according to the number of the program with a full metal sheet. CNC uses the Mastercam system, which is mainly used to control the CNC tool path. The CNC milling machine is used to process some square, irregular objects, and the lathe is object of the machining circle. CNC can process some larger pieces of workpiece. The maximum could be reach 3000*1600*1600. it’s little bit cheaper than SLA, there are many parts could be processing by prototypes. At present, it is the most widely used in China. The main materials as ABS、PC、PMMA, and STL、 aluminum and copper etc.

CNC processing could be able produce a relatively high precision product samples. in the production of tooling products such as bakelite and Aluminum Alloy;


CNC prototypes advantages: good toughness, high tensioning, low cost and wide selection of materials.

Vacuum casting (vacuum infusion): use the original samples, in the vacuum condition to make the silicone mold, and casting with the PU material under vacuum condition,to cloned the same as the original parts, than the original samples of high temperature resistance, good hardness and strength. If the customer needs to do a few sets or dozens of sets, it is suitable to use this method, which greatly reduce the cost.


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