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CNC Machining Parts Automobile OA Home Appliance

CNC Machining Parts Automobile OA Home Appliance

2fprototypes Rapid Tooling (RT ), it’s a particular shape forming tool which have a certain shape & size & surface precision tools It is mainly used for the mass production, although the production and manufacturing cost of the mold is little bit high, however, as the mass production,...

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2f Prototypes Materials sorts

Usually divided into metal material, nonmetallic material and composite material.

Metal materials are divided into ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals refer to steel and cast iron. Ferrous metals other than ferrous metals are called nonferrous metals. The commonly used nonferrous metals are copper alloys, aluminum alloys, ferroalloys and magnesium alloys.

Nonmetallic materials mainly refer to plastic, resin, rubber, synthetic fiber, coating and so on.


The prototypes main processing method including as CNC、, SLA、SLS、Vacuum Casting、Molding etc.

1.CNC (CNC processing centre) computer gongs: CNC is by computer numerical control machine tool according to the number of the program with a full metal sheet. CNC uses the Mastercam system, which is mainly used to control the CNC tool path. The CNC milling machine is used to process some square, irregular objects, and the lathe is object of the machining circle. CNC can process some larger pieces of workpiece. The maximum could be reach 3000*1600*1600. it’s little bit cheaper than SLA, there are many parts could be processing by prototypes. At present, it is the most widely used in China. The main materials as ABS、PC、PMMA, and STL、 aluminum and copper etc.


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