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CNC Prototypes Metal Processing Home Appliance

CNC Prototypes Metal Processing Home Appliance

2fprototypes introduce What is the prototypes? Prototypes also called rapid prototyping, or mockup, it is the embodiment of the design intent of the real, after the designer complete product design without opening the mold, we according to the appearance of the product structure or drawings make...

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2fprototypes has made several design and construction changes using carefully selected materials in order to offer our customers the best combination of performance, longevity and value. The most significant difference is the change to using 30% Glass reinforced polyethylene (or PET) for molding of the cap itself. This material which is more commonly known by its trade name of DuPont Rynite offers far superior dielectric strength (better insulator to stop electrical arcing) and does not absorb moisture from the atmosphere as readily as PBT, the old material used. (Many of our competitors are still using this material in their caps). Secondly, OEM has made actual dimensional changes to add insulation around key failure points on the vehicle manufacturers design. The visibly thicker insulation around the contacts on the underside of the cap is a visible change you can show to installers in a key failure area. Last, OEM is keeping the Aluminum contacts because it offers superior resistance to corrosion OVER Brass in this very unique case. Please check out OEM's Technical info/ bulletin "PB5" to get more information.


The classification of the prototypes

Early prototypes due to various conditions, the main performance is completed by hand in most of its work, make the prototypes of long period and difficult to strictly meet the appearance and structure of the size of the drawings, so check the appearance or structure rational functional discount. With the progress of science and technology, the rapid development of CAD and CAM technology provides more better technical support for prototypes processing, making the high precision of the prototypes possible. On the other hand, with the increasingly fierce competition in the society, the speed of product development is increasingly becoming the main contradiction of competition, and the manufacture of prototypes can effectively improve the speed of product development. In this case that the prototypes manufacturing industry stands out, and becomes a relatively independent industry and thrives.


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