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CNC Services Aluminum Parts Machining Vehicle Wheel

CNC Services Aluminum Parts Machining Vehicle Wheel

1. Material to process: Aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, lucite, bakelite. 2. Precision: 0.02mm 3. Machining Equipment: machining Center / CNC Lathes / Grinding Machines / Milling Machines / Lathes / Wire-cuts / Laser Cuts / CNC Shearing Machines / CNC Bending Machines / etc. 4....

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1.CNC Machining  

we can process prototypes in a range of block material with max dimension up to 3000*1600*1600mm,we process the work piece by cutting the unwanted material from cnc equipment ,normal lead time of cnc prototyping is 4-5 days. High surface and the complex shape parts are fit for this processing way .our cnc machines can typically machine components on home appliance, medical device, car parts and electronic products with high quality.


2.material of prototype

1.Plastic: :ABS, polycarbonate (PC), delrin(POM), PP, PA, PVC, PBT, PE, acrylic (PMMA), , PA+30GF, PU(for silicon mold parts), 

2.Metal : Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Aluminum alloy, Copper,  Brass, Bronze, metal plate, Steel, Carbon steel, Iron etc

3.Wood and other special materials


3. Surface treatment for prototype

Painting (spraying), anodizing, electroplating, brushed, sandblasting, printing, transparent, translucent, rubber, paint, plating and etc.


4.the files for prototype


Pro/E, Solidworks, Unigraphics, Catia, Auto CAD, *.igs, *.stp, *.stl, *.x-t


Our Capacity:

We offer CNC milling and turning service, 3 axis to 5 axis machine both standard and live-tooling CNC turning and milling, the largest size we can machining is 3000*1600*1600mm