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Metal Material 5 Axis CNC Machining

Metal Material 5 Axis CNC Machining

5 axis CNC prototype Material :Aluminum Machining Method : 5 axis CNC Machining Surface Treatment : Deburring Min.Order Quantity:1 Piece Lead time :7-15 around working days Payment Terms : TT, pay pal, LC,other available terms Five axis, x, y, z three moving axes plus any two axis of...

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5 axis CNC prototype



Five axis, x, y, z three moving axes plus any two axis of rotation.Relative to the common three axis (x, y, z three degrees of freedom) processing, five-axis machining refers to the parts with complicated geometry, need tool to locate in five degrees of freedom and the connection.

The machine tool used in five-axis machining is usually called five-axis machine tool or five-axis machining center.The five-axis machining is often used in the aerospace field, and the machining of body parts, turbine components and impeller with free surface.The five-axis machine tool can not change the position of the workpiece on the machine tool and process the different aspects of the workpiece, which can greatly improve the machining efficiency of the prismatic parts.




Deburring is to remove the stinging or flying edges formed by the intersection of parts and surfaces.The harmfulness of burr is especially obvious, and it gradually attracts people's attention, and starts to study the formation mechanism and removal method of burr.

The burrs on mechanical parts are caused by plastic deformation during machining.Some are cast, die forging and other processing, and some are welding extrusion residue.


In 1953, many Japanese manufacturers began to develop special automatic deburring machines for large and medium-sized castings such as brake drum, cylinder body and gearbox.Due to the poor adaptability and high price of the deburring mechanism, it has not been widely used, but it has laid a good foundation for the later development of the casting deburring technology.

In 1958, professor oshima of Kyoto university in Japan published a paper on the phenomenon of burr in the process of cutting and the classification of burrs and burrs.

In 1959, professor kengo kuma of the university of yudu, published a paper entitled "discussion on the reduction of burrs using vibration cutting".


In 1967, the professor of jinggang university published the article "research on the burrs of aluminum alloy plate drilling".Is presented in the same year, the United States of r. William abrasives and silicon resin mixed together, as a medium, pressure into a mould of parts, the parts inside surface and pore of burr remove (namely extrusion honing deburring technology), preliminary success.




2f Prototypes is a experienced prototype OEM manufacturer,which specialized in rapid prototyping by CNC,SLA,SLS and Vacumm casting and plastic injection molding.

Price advantage: According to customer requirements and according to product characteristics, combine various processes such as CNC processing, SLA, SLS and Tooling.In order to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of products to a lower level.