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Metal Plastic CNC Processing Parts Black Color

Metal Plastic CNC Processing Parts Black Color

2fprototypes factory covers an area :2000 ㎡ Prototypes Production Capacity: More than 50 Sets Per Month Employees : 200 Staff ( Engineer 20 & QC 20 ) CNC machine : 20 ( 5/4/3 axis ) 3D printer : SLA/SLS Mold Maker 2fprototypes Materials 1.Plastic: PMMA , PA, PP, POM, PC, PE, Nylon, PVC, ABS,...

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2fprototypes Materials

1.Plastic: PMMA , PA,   PP,  POM,  PC,  PE,  Nylon,  PVC,  ABS,  PA6, 
PEEK ,PVC,TEFLON ,chemical wood.
PA66, PA6+30%FG,  PA66+30%FG, Silicone, rubber 
2. Metals : Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Aluminum alloy, Copper,
. Brass, Bronze, metal plate,copper  Steel, Carbon steel,  Iron etc
3. Wood and other special materials.

4.Other special materials also available

Rapid Tooling (RT ), it’s a particular shape forming tool which have a certain shape & size & surface precision tools

It is mainly used for the mass production, although the production and manufacturing cost of the mold is little bit high,

however, as the mass production, the cost of each product is greatly reduced.

In order to meet our customer required schedule, speed up the progress of product development and validation,

our factory could be able provide at once within 100-1000 set of rapid toolings.

Principle of material selection

In all manufacturing process, have to selection the reasonable material, it is necessary to ensure the service life and also requires materials to have better manufacturability and economy. Must be guaranteeing the quality, cost down and also getting increase productivity too.

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