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Parts Process By CNC Machine Use PA+GF30% Industry

Parts Process By CNC Machine Use PA+GF30% Industry

Parts prototypes Material : ABS Machining Method : CNC Machining Surface treatment : Min.Order Quantity:1 Piece Lead time :7-15 around working days Payment Terms : TT, pay pal, LC,other available terms Delivery way : DHL/UPS/Air freight/Sea around 3-15days arrived By adding glass fiber, nylon...

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Material : ABS
Machining Method :  CNC Machining
Surface treatment :
Min.Order Quantity:1 Piece
Lead time :7-15 around working days
Payment Terms : TT, pay pal, LC,other available terms
Delivery way : DHL/UPS/Air freight/Sea around 3-15days arrived


By adding glass fiber, nylon flexibilizer, etc, the mechanical properties of blend materials, the results show that with the increase of the glass fiber content, the material of a dramatic increase in tensile strength, bending strength, impact strength is relatively complicated, toughening agents to join, the toughness of the material greatly improve, adding 30% ~ 35% glass fiber, 8% ~ 12% of toughening agent, the comprehensive mechanics performance of the material is the best.

The precision of the guide rail has a great influence on the precision of the whole machine.It is necessary to prevent deformation and wear, so the guide rail is usually made of grey cast iron, such as HT200 and HT350.Grey cast iron has good wear resistance under lubricating condition, but it has poor wear resistance.In order to improve wear resistance, the surface of guide rail can be hardened.

Analysis of the selection of tractor and auto parts.

The parts of the engine and transmission system parts are quite large.There are a large number of gears and various shafts, as well as parts that work at high temperatures, such as inlet, exhaust valves, pistons, etc.Their materials are more important, usually based on the use of experience to select materials.For different types of cars and different production plants, the engine and transmission system selection is not the same.According to the specific working conditions and the actual failure mode of the parts, the suitable materials should be selected through a large number of calculations and experiments.With the shortage of energy and raw materials supply, the demand for energy saving and consumption of automobiles is increasing.The reduction of self-weight can improve vehicle weight utilization coefficient, reduce material consumption and fuel consumption, which is of great significance in resource, energy saving and economic value.The materials used for reducing self-weight should be lighter than traditional materials and ensure the performance of the enterprise.For example, replacing cast iron with aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy can reduce the weight to 1/3 to 1/4, but it does not affect its performance.The new type of double - phase steel plate is used to replace the ordinary low carbon steel sheet metal stamping parts, which can be used to reduce the self-weight, but not to reduce the strength of the components.In the body and some of the less important structural parts, the use of plastics or fiber reinforced composites instead of steel can also reduce self-weight and reduce energy consumption.

CNC SLS SLA Vacumm casting tooling   Screen printing  Mirror polishing

Gfr-nylon adds a certain amount of glass fiber to the nylon resin for enhanced plastic (fr-pa).By coating is can be divided into the long glass fiber reinforced nylon (fiber length and plastic particles, generally about 10 mm) and by mixing with chopped fiber, or continuous fiber import twin-screw extruder continuous shear mixing refining of short glass fiber reinforced nylon (glass fiber length is about 0.2 ~ 0.7 mm).

Nylon belongs to polyamide, which has the amino group on its main chain.The amino group is polar and is attracted to each other because of the hydrogen bond.So nylon is easy to crystallize and can be made into very strong fibers.Polyamide is a ductile keratoid translucent or milky crystalline resin. It is often made into cylindrical granules. The molecular weight of polyamide used for plastic is 15,000-20,000.

This type of deformation is caused by the equal size and opposite direction, and the action plane is perpendicular to the two forces in the shaft.The relative rotation of any two cross sections of the rod is shown.The shaft of the car, the motor and the main shaft of the turbine are all torsion bars.In the plane that is perpendicular to the axis of the rod, the rod will produce torsional deformation, which is the relative rotation of each cross section of the rod.The torsional deformation of the rod has the following characteristics: the force: the two force pairs are acted on the two ends of the pole perpendicular to the axis of the rod, and the torque is equal and the opposite is reversed.Deformation: each cross section of the rod is rotated relative to the axis of the rod.The relative rotation Angle between any two cross sections is called the relative torsion Angle.In engineering, torsion deformation is often encountered.Such as the driver's hands on the wheel plane all exert an equal, in the opposite direction, the force parallel to the line of action, they form a couple, in the end of the lever is, while at the end of the lever is under the effect of the couple, from the steering gear and joystick torsional effect.4, the bending deformation of this kind of form is by transverse force is perpendicular to the axis of the bar, or by acting on contains stem axis vertical plane of a pair of equal size, in the opposite direction of couple, show the center line of the bar from straight line to a curve.In engineering, the bending bar is one of the most frequently encountered situations.The girder of the bridge crane, various kinds of spindle and the deformation of the lathe tool, all belong to bending deformation.The axial line of these straight rods will be curved by the original line, which is called bending.The bar, which is mainly bent and deformed, is usually called a beam.There are also several basic deformations at the same time, such as bending, torsion and compression of the main shaft of the lathe.There are two basic deformations of drilling and bending.This condition is called composite deformation.

CNC SLS SLA Vacumm casting tooling 



Three dimensional QC inspection by as below machine:



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