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POM PVC Prototypes CNC Machining Plastic Parts

POM PVC Prototypes CNC Machining Plastic Parts

2fprototypes Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical functions to reduce the surface roughness of the parts to obtain a bright, flat surface processing method. Polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media are used to modify the surface of the...

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Product Details

2fprototypes have one plastic prototypes factory and one metal prototypes factory 

and one partner for mold make factory.

Our prototypes main customer include "Panasonic、SIEMENS、BENQ、DELL、GE" etc.

We are one of high precision with rich experience prototyping maker in China,

with high tech 5 axis CNC machines that we could make both plastic & metal prototypes samples very well.

Our processing method include CNC, SLA, SLS, Vacuum casting and mold make with plastic injection .

Some of important  specified place that our highest precision could be reached about "0.002~0.005" mm.


2fprototypes Surface treatment

Main surface treatment including manual processing, painting (light, matte, metallic paint, rubber paint, pearlescent paint etc.), screen printing, sand blasting, polishing, electroplating (vacuum plating, plating, bronzing, water).

Manual processing: grinding and assembling the samples, making up a finished product.

Spray paint: according to the customer's requirements, spray color.

Silk-screen: print or pattern on the rapid prototypes.

Transfer print: print or pattern on a flat surface on the prototypes.

Laser engrave: in order to translucent, two layers of paint will be sprayed on a transparent piece, and a layer is knocked out and a layer is exposed.


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