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Bar seat With Painted CNC

Bar seat With Painted CNC

Stool prototype Material : ABS Machining Method : CNC Machining Surface treatment : painted Min.Order Quantity:1 Piece Lead time :7-15 around working days Payment Terms : TT, pay pal, LC,other available terms Humans evolved from ancient apes to today, from crawling to upright walking, from the...

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Stool prototype

Material : ABS
Machining Method : CNC Machining
Surface treatment :  painted
Min.Order Quantity:1 Piece
Lead time :7-15 around working days
Payment Terms : TT, pay pal, LC,other available terms


Chair is closely related to people's life and social culture, throughout the history of industrial design, designers will focus on almost every period, genres chair this product, the style of each period, each design features of genres, each designer's ideas, are all more or less Now the chair.The design of the chair is basically the case that every industrial designer has experienced in both work and study, and they have left behind the classic design for posterity.The evolution of chair design style and technology development are inseparable, mutually reinforcing.New materials, processes, structures and technological environments are inexhaustible and inexhaustible storehouses, and new designs are based on them.A modelling, change traditional furniture was born is always to accompany with the emergence of a new science and technology, material, structure, it shows that the design of the chair already learned the contemporary new production technology and materials, flash a diversity of fashion, comfort, and continuously reflect the natural characteristics of nationality, endemicity.In the history of modern design, the change of the chair and the development of architecture technology are synchronous, and the chair can be regarded as the mirror of history.Like George?Nelson said in 1953: "not a truly original idea, every design innovation, application of each kind of material, each kind of furniture technology invention can get the clearly expressed in his chair.

The plastic material is easy to process, the color is rich, is suitable to make the face of the seat generally, make the foot with other material.But the plastic section is easy to corrode, and the strength and durability are also poor.In order to change the characteristics of the material, the composite materials can be combined with plastic and concrete to enhance the strength of the materials.Commonly used ABS plastics, ABS has excellent mechanical properties, its impact strength is excellent, can be used at extremely low temperature;ABS has good wear resistance, good size stability and oil resistance. ABS has good electrical insulation and is almost free of temperature, humidity and frequency, which can be used in most environments.And ABS is not affected by water, inorganic salt, alkali and various acids.

The diameter of the seat: for physiological reasons, it is generally between 370 and 420mm.And use the waist to look for support, the knee to decide to sit deep.The sitting width is in the range allowed by the condition, with the width is good, so that the sitting position is replaced.The width of a sitting position is between 370 and 450mm.

A few aspects of human engineering content, however, are far from the depth and breadth of its content.For the human aspect, the sofa design ergonomics involves the human physiology and psychology and so on many aspects of content;For sofa product, involve modelling, structure, material, function dimensions and so on;In addition, indoor function, scale and environment and so on the element bring people to use and psychology to feel again to the style of sofa, fabrics, measure to wait for a request.

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Three dimensional QC inspection by as below machine:


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