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Aluminium Cnc Machining Service / Cnc Milling Parts

Aluminium Cnc Machining Service / Cnc Milling Parts

Product Description OEM cnc machining service / cnc milling parts Project: Plenum base and top for motorcycle parts Processes: CNC machining, Sanding, Sandblasting, Anodising, Assembly Material: Aluminium 6061-T6 Lead Time: 5-8 days Quantity: 100 sets CNC precision machining parts Details: The...

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Product Details

Product Description

OEM cnc machining service /   cnc milling parts

Project: Plenum base and top for motorcycle parts 

Processes: CNC machining, Sanding, Sandblasting, Anodising, Assembly
Material: Aluminium 6061-T6
Lead Time: 5-8 days
Quantity: 100 sets



CNC precision machining parts Details:

The USA company designs and manufactures motorcycle. For this project our customer needed 100 sets of a anodized part made from Aluminum at a reasonable cost. JC Rapid MFG specializes in low volume production projects such as this motocyle machine and offered the parts at a lower cost than western based low-volume manufacturing houses. The parts were finished after 18 days (including weekends) and then shipped to our customer in USA


CNC precision machining parts

We used CNC machining of Aluminum 6061-T6 to create the shape of the component. The advantage of Aluminum for this project is its light weight as well as its high quality feel. When the parts come off the CNC machine we use a fine-grit sandpaper to remove any machine-marks from the part.


Lastly the sand-blasted parts are anodized. Anodizing provides two advantages: It provides corrosion resistance but also adds color to the parts. Anodized metal parts look absolutely fantastic – especially in sunlight.


2F prototypes  established on 2010, has now become a professional precision CNC precision machining , plastic injection mold and rapid prototype company, We passed ISO-9001 international quality system certification, we have new standard industrial plant 3,600 square meters, the existing 2sets 5 axis machines,20 sets of CNC machining equipment , 8 laser marking equipment, 2 laser cutting machine  ,4 EDM, 4 CNC milling, 4 CNC grinder , 2 CNC lathes, 3 wire cutting, deep hole drilling a rocker, 10 injection molding machines, sandblasting machine, drying machine and dust-free spray oil, silk screen shop. Existing professional and technical staff of nearly 60 people, including quality engineers, high-precision CMM, the Two dimensional coordinates detector, micrometers, hardness tester, and other testing equipment to provide a strong guarantee for high quality products.